Sencha Services

Let us help you get started the right way. Avoid unnecessary problems and get up to speed quickly by letting us help you and your team members with guidance , advice and best practices.

Having the right expertise at hand early in the project is crucial for the success and well being of the team. It wills save you money and time but also leave you with a much more stable product.

We offer a number of services to help you avoid problems in new project or exiting projects.

  • Workshops
  • Training
  • Code review
  • User Experience and Mockups.
  • Custom component development.
  • Theme development.
  • Testing tools. Setup and automation.
  • CI-process. Building and deploying.
  • Bryntum component integration and customisation. (Gantt/Scheduler/Task board)

If you are starting a new project ,upgrading or just wants to shift up the energy in an existing project, please contact us for a more detailed discussion.